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Lineup Card Instructions

Each time you make an entry, use a new column. For Example:

Top of 3-no outs, #14 for #30 in position 6, #4 for #25 in the same position, #2 moved from position 6 to position 2.

When a starter is substituted for, draw a single diagonal line through their name and position. Examples: #30 Curran, #25 Hoy. When a substitute enters the game, draw a line through their name, this indicates that they have entered the game.

Top of the 3-one out, #5 for #46 in the same position.

Top of 4-two outs, #54 for #44 in the same position.

Top of 5-no outs, #11 for #4 in the same position, #30 re-entered for #43 in the same position.

When a starter re-enters the game, or cannot return because of the substitute rule, draw another diagonal line through their name. Example: #30-Curran.

Bottom of 5-one out, #46 re-entered in the same position for #5.

Top of 6-two outs, #30 is injured and #25 is eligible and re-enters in the same position.

Top of 6, #5 is used as a special pinch runner for #57. In the Special Pinch Runner row enter; 5/57

OPTIONAL - Enter the pitch count for each pitcher at the end half inning. When the pitcher is replaced, draw a line through his/her pitch count and visits.

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