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Team Umpire Program

Since the 2023 Spring season, Walnut Creek Little League has implemented a Team Umpire Program to help ensure all games in our competitive divisions (A and above) get adequate Umpire coverage. Our Umpire crews can be adult volunteers and youth (paid) Umpires between the ages of 11 and 18. Youth Umpires not crewing with an adult umpire must be accompanied by an Umpire Liaison. Each team in Single AA (baseball), AAA, and Majors is responsible for acquiring the minimum number of points listed in the table below. Note that while Peanuts, Farm, Single-A, Intermediate, and Juniors teams are not required to earn Umpire points, they are still encouraged to umpire. If interested, teams would also be eligible for the rewards discussed below.

Division Team Points Required Rewards Program
Peanuts 0
Farm 0
Single-A Softball 0
Single-A Baseball 0
AA - Majors Softball/Baseball 10
Teenage Softball/Baseball 0

Individuals, who are representing a team as an Umpire or Game Coordinator, need to attend a Umpire Training Clinic. WCLL will host field mechanics training sessions throughout the first half of the season at Castle Rock Sports Field. Please check the training schedule on the Team Umpire page for details. Umpire mechanics and division rules will be covered in the clinics. Team representatives with proof of attendance from an Umpire Training Clinic can begin to earn points for their team. Additionally, you will also receive an official Walnut Creek Little League Umpiring shirt and hat.

How To Earn Points

Volunteer Options Points Earned
Adult Umpire 2
Youth Umpire + Umpire Liason 1
Game Coordinator 0.5

Game Coordinators must be 18+


Each game umpired by an adult earns 2 points, regardless of working behind the plate or bases. The time spent umpiring games can also be applied to Family Volunteer hours.


Teams can help recruit or partner with a youth umpire. Each game umpired by a Youth Umpire and supported by an Umpire Liaison earns 1 point. Youth Umpires will continue to be paid and time spent as a Game Coordinator can also be applied to Family Volunteer hours.


Each game supported by an Umpire Liaison earns .5 points. The time spent umpiring games can also be applied to Family Volunteer hours. For those teams whose parents, family, or friends are unable to fulfill the minimum team points required, the WCLL Umpire in Chief (UIC) will have a list of WCLL-certified umpires. The team may reach out to those individuals to see if they can cover their points

Teams who fail to meet Umpire Point requirements may be subject to penalty at the discretion of the Board of Directors, including but not limited to, ineligibility for WCLL Playoffs and/or Tournament of Champions competition.

Team Rewards

Teams that earn 20 points will get to see the A's play in an exclusive suite for a game/date determined by the team. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided for all players, rostered coaches, and team umpires.

Individual Points/Rewards

Volunteers may fulfill their League Family Volunteer requirement by umpiring or supporting games as an Umpire Liaison. As an incentive for volunteers to continue beyond the team minimum requirement, there are significant rewards, as outlined below:

Points Awards Alternate Award
10 None None
11-12 $50 off registration for the upcoming season $25 gift card
13-14 $50 off registration for the upcoming season + $50 gift card $75 gift card
15-16 $100 off registration for upcoming season + $100 gift card $125 gift card
17+ $100 off registration for upcoming season + $150 gift card $175 gift card

All Rewards will be issued by the WCLL UIC at the end of the season after the final game tally is confirmed.

Getting Started

  1. Register To Be An Umpire
  2. Attend at least one field mechanics training class.  March 9 and 10 signups for local clinics here.  
  3. Watch the online rules presentations from our district 4 youtube channel.
    • Rules 2-4
    • Rules 5-6
    • Rules 7-8
    • Rule 9
  4. Login to the umpire signup website and "Claim a Game"!
    1. Instructions on how to login and claim a game can be found here.

Youth Umpire Pay Scale

Division Level Plate Umpire Base Umpire
Single-A Baseball NA $20
AA Baseball $25 $25
AAA Baseball $35 $30
Majors Baseball $50 $40
Intermediate Baseball $70 $50
Juniors Baseball $50 $40
AA Softball $25 $25
AAA Softball $35 $25
Majors Softball $50 $40
Juniors/Seniors Softball $70 $50
Youth Umpires w/ 3 Years* $70 $50

*Majors games and higher

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