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Boundary Map

Player registrants must either currently reside or attend a school within the defined league boundaries, as established by Little League International. If you are first-time registrant for WCLL or CLL, please first check whether your residential or school address falls within the league boundaries. Your designated league will be displayed after entering your residential or school address. If you see "WALNUT CREEK LL" or "CONTINENTAL LL OF CONCORD LL" as the assigned league, you are eligible to register for WCLL/CLL Baseball & Softball. If not, please visit the respective league website to find out more information with regards to registration.

The interactive map below not only defines our boundaries but also lists all valid schools contained within the boundaries. If you do not live within the defined boundaries but your child is enrolled at a school within the boundaries, then you are eligible to register for WCLL/CLL.

The following map lists both the boundaries of WCLL (in blue)  and our neighboring league, Continental (in yellow). Please click this link here and then click the "magnifying glass" icon in the top left corner to input your residential and/or school address to confirm that either is within the WCLL or CLL boundaries.