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Softball FAQs can be found on the Softball page.

Baseball FAQs

What Division should my child be in?

Registration is based on your child’s age. Participants are placed on teams in Peanuts and Single A, and drafted onto AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors & Seniors teams.

  • Softball - 6 and up ($250 registration)
  • Baseball (all divisions except for Peanut and Challengers) –  ($250 registration)
  • Peanut Division – Ages 5-7  ($200 registration)
  • Challengers Division – for players with handicaps ($0 registration)

Family max for registration is $400. With the exception of the Peanut and Challengers divisions in baseball, all other registrants must pay a $200 volunteer deposit, which is refundable only upon completion of volunteer duties, as defined in our volunteers page.

Baseball age is based on the Little League age chart on this page. Players age 8 who played in our Single A last year may request a tryout for the draft.

When do practices begin?

Pre-season practice begins Mid February for AA through Majors divisions, and early March for Single A and Peanuts. Practice days, times and frequency differ by division and team, but you can expect one weekday practice and one weekend practice. Majors Division is more.

When do games start?

Pre-season games will start in March. Regular season games are played in April and May. The In house tournament for AA - Majors begins after Memorial Day Weekend and finishes the first week of June.

Generally you will have one weekday evening game (Peanut) and one weekend game per week for Single A. AA and up may have three games per week. We do not schedule Sunday games, unless it is necessary for a rain make-up or other scheduling conflict. There will be no games over Easter weekend, during Spring break or during Memorial weekend.

What about Post Season Play?

Teams in AA Division and up participate in a Tournament the last week of the season. The winning teams then move on to the District wide “Tournament of Champions” which runs until mid June. 

In addition, 10 year olds and up are eligible to be placed on the Walnut Creek All Star teams, and those games begin at the end of June and potentially can run into August if they go to the Little league World Series games in Williamsport, PA. However, typically the games run to mid-July. Player skills and availability are used to determine placement on the All Star teams.  Parents of players selected for All Star teams are expected to volunteer for district 4 post season tournaments hosted by Walnut Creek at Castle Rock field.

Can my child be placed on a team with a friend or particular coach?

Peanut and Single A teams are formed by the Player Agent based on talent, locality, and age in an attempt to equalize the teams. Any special requests should be noted on your registration and the player agent will make every attempt to honor your request, but we cannot guarantee.

AA players and up are subject to a draft format, therefore any special requests cannot be honored.

Does my child have to tryout?

Yes, in order to be eligible for the draft (AA-Majors), league age players 9 and above will need to participate in tryouts. 8 year olds that played Single A last year may request a tryout if they wish to enter the draft.

When are Tryouts?

Tryout dates and times are specific to age group and must be scheduled in advance. Each player must attend one 30 minute tryout/assessment. The only exception is a returning player who played on a WCLL Majors team last season.  Tryouts take place the second and third weekends in January.

How do I schedule tryouts?

You will select a time that is convenient for you during online registration.

What if I can’t attend the tryout for my child’s age group?

Contact the tryout coordinator as soon as you know you need to reschedule your tryout time. Contact information can be found on our board of directors page.

How are Teams Assigned?

Majors BB drafts first, then all players not assigned to a Majors team are in the AAA draft.  All players left unassigned after that are in the AA draft. Any players undrafted after the AA draft go into the Single A team formation. The Single A coaches and managers will have the opportunity to preselect a few players to represent their team. Then, with the help of the Player Agent and the tryout evaluations, players are assigned to the teams taking into account school, residence location, friend requests, and team balance of ability. Requests are not a guarantee for team placement, but every effort is made to do so.

The Juniors Division players will have several clinics in February and then be placed on either a Juniors team, or an Intermediate Division team in the case of some 13 year olds.

Who attends the Drafts?

All drafts are closed meetings of the Board of Directors, and attendance is strictly limited to control the confidentiality of the selection process. Attendance is limited to approved managers and coaches of the division drafting, Board members, Player Agent and other appropriate parties as determined by the Player Agent. Draft order will not be revealed. All players will be notified after all divisions have been drafted as to which team selected them.

When and how are we notified of team placement?

For Majors, AAA, and AA baseball, you can expect a phone call from the manager of your team the Saturday following draft week. For Softball it will be TBD.  Our Single A and Peanuts teams will be formed in mid-February, and will be notified shortly afterwards. If you are not notified, please contact the division coordinator found on the Board of Directors tab.

Where are practices and games held?

  • Juniors- Foothill Middle School
  • Majors - WCI and Castle Rock 2  
  • AAA – Indian Valley AAA Field
  • AA – Indian Valley AA Filed
  • Single A – Parkmead, and Murwood
  • Peanut – Walnut Heights

Practice and game locations subject to slight modifications due to schedule and weather

What is this “Volunteer fee”?

This is an all volunteer league. This enables us to keep registration costs low, which allows more kids to participate. You are asked to fill one of the many important positions required to make the season possible. After fulfilling your “point” requirement, your $200 will be refunded when your completed volunteer refund request form is returned.

View Volunteer Job Descriptions and point values on the Volunteers page.

Can I be a Manager, Coach or Assistant Coach?

Absolutely, this is what we need to make the League run. Any manager, coach, assistant coach or other person interested in volunteering for the league must pass a background check. More information about background checks can be found on the Volunteers page.  Managers and coaches automatically have their children assigned to their team, except for the Baseball Majors Division.  All Managers and Coaches must be approved by the Board of Directors