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Parents: Adding Additional Email Addresses to SportsEngine

By Kevin Ha, 02/20/20, 10:15AM PST


How do I get my husband/wife to also receive communications?

A very common complaint WCLL often receives is something on the lines of, "My husband/wife is not receiving emails despite me entering their email address as Parent Guardian #2 during registration."

Although our registration asked for information regarding Guardian #2, this information is primarily just for emergency contact purposes. If you would like your spouse, partner, or any other guardian to be receiving SportsEngine communications, including upcoming practices, games, coach emails, etc., you must add a secondary email to your SportsEngine account.

Simply go into your SportsEngine account settings (top right corner), click on the circle "i" symbol to the right of your displayed, primary email address:

After adding a secondary email address, both you and your spouse/partner/child's guardian will now receive all WCLL communications.

If you'd rather not receive communications yourself (e.g. you are the mom yet you'd like the dad to handle all WCLL communications), simply change the primary email address to the desired email address.