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Next Steps: Team formation, coach assignments, etc.

By Kevin Ha, 01/09/20, 4:15PM PST


I've been receiving many emails from anxious parents awaiting the next steps for their child(ren) with regards to their sport and division of play.

First of all, I implore all parents to take a few minutes to read our extensive FAQ here. Afterwards, please visit either the Baseball or Softball or Challengers pages for additional information.

Second of all, please remain patient and be aware that many things are happening behind the scenes despite the closing of registration (e.g. teams rostering for non-draft divisions, try-outs preparations, registration confirmation, coach assignments, etc.).

Third, everybody will receive emails (linked with your registration) to keep you apprised of all updates, either by your designated coach(es) or the relevant personnel if your child requires a try-out (baseball divisions AA through Majors). Indeed, you should have received an email pertaining to try-outs for baseball already. If you have not, this likely means that you've unintentionally designated Sports Engine emails as spam (which you should reverse) and/or you've mistakenly input an incorrect email during your registration. Likewise, softball evaluations will be underway and parents will be kept abreast of updates by our softball coordinators.

Fourth and lastly, please visit our Board of Directors page if you have a question. WCLL is comprised of dozens of gracious (and unpaid) volunteers/parents and your question(s) will be receive a faster response if they are directed to the proper person(s).