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Softball FAQ

Divisions Of Play

Softball divisions of play can be found here.


How and when do I register?

Registration is held from mid-October to early-January. Both new and returning players must register.  Please be aware that if you are new to the league, or have moved within the last year, you will need to show proof of age and residency, as this is a local Little League that follows state and national little league age and residency rules.  You may register online via this website, but there may also be in-person registration sessions in December and early January.  Please see League Calendar for scheduling.

Where do I sign up for softball?

This website!  The Walnut Creek Little League (WCLL) softball program is run jointly with Continental Little League.  Players who live within each league's boundary must register using their own league's forms on the respective websites.

Why did Walnut Creek & Continental LL softball programs combine?

Little League Softball divisions tend to be smaller than the baseball divisions. This means that teams must travel to neighboring leagues in order to have enough teams to play.  By combining neighboring softball divisions and mixing girls from both CLL & WCLL onto teams, our Little Leagues will minimize the need to travel.

Why do we register players so early?

Our league registration numbers determine the number of managers we choose, uniforms we order, the amount of new equipment we must purchase, and the number of practice and playing fields we must reserve.  This all takes time and is done by volunteers.  We must register children by early January in order to get them on the playing field that Spring.  Teams are formed in January, practice starts in February, and games start in March.

What is Little League Softball Age?

Little League softball age is determined by December 31 of the previous year -- in other words, what is your child’s age on December 31, 2021? That is her league age for the 2022 softball season and will help determine which division she will likely play in.

Can I get a refund?

The League recognizes that it may be necessary to refund the player registration fees in some cases following registration.  Refunds will be granted as follows: (a) Player injury prior to season, 100% refund.

Team Formation

Does my child have to attend the Skills Evaluations (Tryouts)?
League age players 9 and above will need to participate Skill Evaluations in order to be eligible for the softball drafts (Major and AAA) and team placement for AA (Mini-Minor).

When are Skills Evaluations?
Softball Skills Evaluations will be held on Jan 15-16 and 22-23 in 2022 .  Each player must attend one session. An alternate day will be chosen if there is rain-out.

How are Softball teams formed?

  1. All players 9 years and older will be evaluated at Skills Evaluations tryouts.
  2. The Major division managers meet first and draft players one by one, until each has a full team of 12 players.
  3. The Minor managers meet and draft players from the remaining tryout player list.
  4. Those players not selected for a Minor team will play AA (Mini-Minors).  The Player Agent will choose the AA teams based on buddy lists, school, and player’s ability.

Can my child be placed on a team with a friend or particular coach?

Peanut and Single-A teams are formed by the Player Agent based on talent, locality, and age in an attempt to equalize the teams.  Any special requests should be noted on your registration and the player agent will make every attempt to honor your request, but we cannot guarantee your request.  AAA players and above are subject to a draft format, therefore any special requests cannot be honored.

For softball, all managers (Major thru AA) are aware of all buddy requests at the draft, and do their best to have at least one buddy or schoolmate on their team for each player.

Who attends the drafts?
All drafts are closed meetings and attendance is strictly limited to control the confidentiality of the selection process.  Attendance is limited to approved managers and coaches of the teams selecting, President, Vice President, Softball Coordinator, and the Player Agent.  Draft order will not be revealed.  All players will be notified after all divisions have been drafted as to which team selected them.


What equipment will my child need?

Players will need to purchase a baseball/softball glove, pants, and belt. Baseball cleats (rubber) are recommended.  Your coach will recommend the color of pants and belt to purchase.  All players receive a team hat, jersey and socks.

When do practices begin?

Pre-season practice begins early February.  Practice days, times and frequency differ by division and team, but you can expect one weekday practice and one weekend practice. 

When do games start?

Regular season games are played mid-March through June, depending on division played.  Generally you will have one weekday evening game and one weekend game per week.  We do not schedule Sunday games unless it is necessary for a rain make-up or other scheduling conflict.  There will be no regular season games during MDUSD spring break or during Memorial Day weekend.

When does the regular season end?

Single A - 1st week in May
AA – last week of May*
AAA- third week of June***
Majors- third week of June***

*Depending on make-up games due to rain

***After all regular games have been played the team with the best record from each division will represent WCLL/CLL in the district-wide season ending Tournament of Champions.

What about Post-Season games?

There are a few different types of post-seasons games/tournaments:


The top teams in Softball AA (Mini-Minor), AAA (Minor), and Major divisions may participate in a tournament the last week of the season to determine the division champion.

Tournament of Champions

The division champion teams from Softball (AAA) Minors and Majors, move on to the district-wide “Tournament of Champions”.  This tournament typically runs for a week in mid-June.


9 year olds and up are eligible to be placed on the Walnut Creek/Continental All-Stars teams.  These games begin at the end of June after the Tournament of Champions and typically the All-Star games run to mid-July.  Player skills and availability are used to determine placement on the All Star teams. Team practice may begin June 1st.